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Quick Details
Place of Origin:
Main Raw Material:
MS Polymer
Construction, Woodworking
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Available Color:
Light Brown
600ml(sausage), 24kg(pail)
Carton Quantity:
20sausages/carton, 24kg/pail

MS Flooring Adhesive



A one component, low viscosity adhesive based on advanced MS Polymer technology. It cures on exposure to atmospheric moisture to form an elastic bonding for timber flooring and wall decorative materials. The waterpoofing characteristic of the MS Polymer Adhesive provides an additional barrier to moisture, thus protecting the wooden floors and wall from long term warping. It is flexible to allow the wood floor to expand and contract without cracking. Hence it is longer lasting than most other organic polymer adhesive.



Ideal for bonding parquetry  strip floor panels to concrete or timber floors (both new or existing), or as an underlay prior to timber flooring. It is also use for direct bonding onto other types of substrates such as concrete screeds, cement/sand screeds, metal decking, ceramic tiles, anhydrite screeds and particleboard. It is suitable for under-floor heating and cooling systems.